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USB pH Meter

Compact measuring instrument powered and controlled through computer USB interface.

USB pH Meter Zvětšit

Display of measured pH values, their recording and calibration is ensured by Microsoft Windows applications. USB pH meter is equipped with a BNC coaxial connector for combined pH electrode. USB pH Meter amplifies the signal, digitizes and processes data by program in the microcontroller. Two-point calibration constants are stored in the device memory. pH data transmitted to the computer are already corrected according calibration points. Due to the simple structure of a text communication protocol, it is very simple to implement USB pH Meter to your own solutions. USB pH Meter is supported by SISW Instrument Control Suite.


Power supply 5V, powered from USB
pH electrode Combined , not a part of basic kit
Measurement Accuracy Down to 0,02 pH (depending to properties of pH electrode)
Calibration Software, two points
Communication Simple text protocol over USB, virtual com port available
Dimensions 110 x 60 x 28 mm incl. BNC connector
Weight 90 g


  • Easy to use
  • Two point calibration
  • Logging pH data to a file
  • USB powered
  • Driver for DataApex Clarity CDS
  • Drivers and software are standard part of delivery


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Ordering information

P/N      Description Price EUR
33-0201 USB pH Meter Kit (includes electrode and buffers) 224,00
32-0453 USB pH Meter 160,00
32-0504 pH Electrode, combined 67,00
32-0454 pH electrode + buffers (pH of 4.01 and 7.00) 76,00