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Designed to temperature control of VICI Valco injectors and switching valves with temperature range up to 120 °C.

VICI VALCO Valve Oven Zvětšit

This valve oven has an internal space 170 x 95 x 80 mm with controlled temperature from 10 °C above ambient temperature to 120 °C. Oven is powered by save voltage (19Volts) and protected by temperature fuse to prevent overheating. The heating is controlled by microprocessor based controller with backlighted alphanumeric display and membrane keypad. In addition to the controller display the current status is indicated by bi-color LED placed on the valve compartment. Data system control can be accomplished by through the USB interface.


  • Fast temperature stabilization
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Easy to setup and use

Ordering information

P/N      Description Price EUR
31-0702 VICI VALCO Valve Oven, do 120°C on request