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SICO-200 Column Oven

Space saving column oven for LC columns up to 150 mm long. Two models with different maximum temperatures: 100 or 120 °C.

SICO-200 Column Oven Zvětšit

Column oven designed for temperature range between ambient+10 °C to 100 °C (120 °C). Column compartment is easy accessible by opening the oven top part. Input/output capillaries can be placed anywhere around the termostated compartment. Column oven is powered by save voltage (19Volts) and protected by temperature fuse to prevent overheating. The heating is controlled by microprocessor based controller with backlighted alphanumeric display and membrane keypad. In addition to the controller display the current status is indicated by two color LED placed on do front of column compartment. Data system control can be accomplished by through the USB interface.


Temperature range 10 °C above ambient temperature to 100 °C (120 °C)
Temperature accuracy deviation less than 1%
Temperature stability RSD < 0,4%
Setting and display resolution 0,1 °C
Temperated compartment dimensions 200 x 20 x 20 mm (L x W x H)
Compartment material solvent resistant anodized aluminium
Time to stabilization @ 80 °C 5 minutes maximum, 1 minute typical
Green/Red LED Heating on/off, stable temperature
External communication USB interface
Power supply 19V/3A


  • Fast temperature stabilization (within 1 minute to 80 °C)
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Accurate and reproducible temperature
  • Temperature fuse against overheating
  • Microprocessor control
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Simple user friendly operation
  • USB interface
  • Supported by Clarity CDS LC Control

Ordering information

P/N      Description Price EUR
31-0220 SICO-200 Column Oven with controller, 100°C version on request
31-0230 SICO-200 Column Oven with controller, 120°C version on request