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SICO-100 Column Oven

SICO-100 Column Oven is an ideal tool to grant stable separation temperature even if laboratory temperature fluctuates during the day. Thanks to the wide temperature range improve the separation condition at saccharides analysis and many applications requiring high temperature.

SICO-100 Column Oven Zvětšit

Thermostat for temperature control of chromatographic columns in ranging from 10 °C above the laboratory to 100 °C. Column compartment is easily accessible - after the lid is open. Column compartment length is enough to place the column including pre-column up to a total length of 450 mm. The tempering block can be added for temperature equilibration of the inflowing fluid. Column compartment lid is designed to allow lead the capillary in any place. Column oven only works with a secure supply voltage, integrated processor provides for the management of heating and measurement. Oven is protected by an independent thermal fuse against overheating. The basic configuration (no controller connected) is intended for the thermostat temperature setting from the computer (Clarity data system or SICO-100 software utility). Status attainment and heating temperatures are indicated by two LEDs on the thermostat housing. Oven is delivered with the controller with alphanumeric display and membrane keypad allowing work without a PC.


Temperature range 10 °C above ambient temperature to 100 °C
Temperature accuracy deviation less than 0,5 °C
Temperature stability RSD < 0,4%
Setting and display resolution 0,1 °C
Temperated compartment dimensions 490 x 50 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
Compartment material solvent resistant anodized aluminium
Time to stabilization @ 80 °C 30 minutes maximum, 15 minutes typical
Green LED power on, self-test OK
Green/Red LED Heating on/off, stable temperature
External communication USB interface
Power supply 19V/3A


  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Heating up to 100°C
  • Temperature fuse to prevent overheating
  • USB computer interface
  • Stand alone operation or data system control
  • Possibility of direct Clarity CDS control

Ordering information

P/N      Description Price EUR
26-1101 SICO-100 Column Oven incl. Controller on request
28-0931 Replacement Controller for SICO-100 on request
28-0932 SICO-100 pre-heater block on request